(photovoltaic reverse osmosis system (PVRO))

Conventionally PVRO systems includes an electrical storage unit in order to stabilize the intermittent and fluctuating solar power. In EcoWa products an intelligent Multi- Functional power Driver (MFD) is developed to run the pumps. By using MFD, batteries and unnecessary energy transformations could be deleted which lead to significant energy and cost saving.

Using this technology, on the one hand, leads to reduced transform stages and consequently to less transform apparatus and losses, but on the other hand, intermittency and variability of PV power output will be transferred to the pumps and the membrane accordingly. In order to solve this problem a new control system is designed which controls the whole procedure and provides appropriate condition, i.e. water pressure and water flow on membrane chamber. The control system optimizes the water production, energy consumption and membrane lifetime.

EcoWa benefits:

  • Cheaper construction costs
  • Lower price for produced water
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Full-automatic control system
  • No CO2 foot print
  • Applicable in remote areas
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Wide kind of input water (see water, brackish water or waste water)
  • Modular, scale bar and decentral structure

Price of the system

The system is designed to operate just during the day:

The system is designed to operate 24h: